Meet Our Makers

Meet the Storytellers, Makers and Contributors behind the stories that inspire us

Food Writer

Karen Palmer

Karen Palmer is a seasoned Los Angeles-based food writer and the founder of the French bread pizza pop-up Pain Pizza.


Janelle Hu

With 20 years of dedicated experience, Janelle oversees the administration and operations of Wolfie's Hot Chicken, a plant-based food truck.


Nic Adler

After being a band manager, promoter and restaurateur, Nic cofounded Monty’s Good Burger and Nic's on Beverly, plant-based restaurants.


Richard Chang

After conquering the vegan taco scene, Richard Chang took his success to Wolfie's Hot Chicken, specializing in plant-based “chicken” sandwiches.

Executive Chef

Jared Simons

Chef Simons has always elevated the L.A. culinary scene, most recently with the founding of Taco Vega, a plant-based restaurant.

Content Strategist & Writer

Toni McLellan

Toni McLellan is a content strategist and writer for various publications and brands, including Outside and Disney.


Loria Stern

Loria is a chef and caterer based in Los Angeles, California. She ships her delicious, healthy foods and treats nationally.


Alex Jablonski

Alex is an Emmy award-winning director. His feature documentary WILDLAND also went on to play theatrically and was broadcast nationally.

Food & Travel Journalist

Laura Kiniry

Laura is a freelance journalist who loves exploring the world and sharing its stories. She also harvests olives in Italy.