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The Hibiscus Color Of The Year Collection

KitchenAid brand has upped the ante and transformed the Color of the Year reveal into a fusion of haute couture, color and products that draws people in—and ever closer together.


The KitchenAid Color of the Year is unveiled each February with fanfare, but this year, KitchenAid brand has upped the ante and transformed the Color of the Year into a fusion of inspired fashion, color and products that draws people in—and ever closer together.

The shapes, textures and colors of the iconic stand mixer and blender captured the imagination of in-demand designer Marta Del Rio. Del Rio calls a collaboration with the brand, which has experimented with and promoted bold color in appliance design through the Color of the Year program since 2018, a “dream project.” 

Inspired by the vivid, captivating and lush stand mixer and blender in Hibiscus, and in collaboration with KitchenAid brand, Del Rio and her team of hand-picked designers have brought Hibiscus to life in style to kick off New York Fashion Week—with an artful, innovative capsule collection. And that called for a venue—a stage as captivating as Hibiscus itself.

Four models dressed in Hibiscus Collection designs in a chrome kitchen with the Hibiscus stand mixer and blender.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

KitchenAid has an iconic and historic visual language, and what made these designers the perfect choice was that each of them also has a very recognizable set of techniques and silhouettes of their own as well.”

Marta Del Rio
Designer, Creative Director

To debut the Hibiscus Collection, KitchenAid Brand transformed the Iron23 event space in the heart of the Flatiron District into an irresistible celebration of the flower and color, drawing in passersby to explore the color, products, and the capsule collection itself.

The Hibiscus Collection pays homage to the iconic silhouettes of the KitchenAid® stand mixer and powerful blender, incorporating their shapes, textures and accessories flawlessly into each look. Each of the distinct looks brings the 2023 Color of the Year to life in new, unexpected ways.

A collage of sketches of the Hibiscus collection designs.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

Marta Del Rio: Unique & Incomparable

Marta Del Rio is a global creative director and designer who has been responsible for building the unique and incomparable identities of artists around the world. Her image-driven and digitally native expertise places her at the forefront of design and innovation.

Originally from Marbella, Spain and now based out of Los Angeles, her insatiable curiosity for new cultures, unexpected references and sharing of ideas informs her process. Known for her perseverance and passion for her work, she is always on the lookout for new designer talent across the globe and is equally an ardent supporter of young talent.

A model dressed in Marta Del Rio’s New York Fashion Week Collection posing in a kitchen with the KitchenAid® Artisan® Series Stand Mixer in Hibiscus.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

Look 1

Inspired by the instantly recognizable whisk attachment of the stand mixer, the whisk form itself is turned into a sculptural object and a piece of precious body jewelry, living as an oversized chromed French pannier that adorns the waist. The garment’s silhouette plays to the undulating motions of the machine pushing and pulling pastry, while the look’s surface details include floral lace overlays and chef-inspired details at the neckline. The look is accessorized with opera-length latex cooking gloves.

Designed by Marta Del Rio


The custom-molded bustier of this look was inspired by the industrial base of the stand mixer, with an elongated silhouette that echoes the form of the blender. The flowing, pleated pants are informed by hibiscus blooms themselves, and call to mind the movement of blended objects and textures. Metal jewelry hearkens back to the product’s interchangeable accessories as seen through a distinctly elevated edge.

A model posing in a kitchen wearing Look Three while holding a silver canister and a bowl of pink food near an Artisan® Series Stand Mixer in Hibiscus making fuchsia noodles with the pasta attachment.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

Look 3

This futuristic, masculine look is anchored by a top whose surface is inspired by the pastry beater in motion; the triangular laser-cut leather reflects the cross-hatch effect of the accessory in use. A molded metal men’s belt relates to the iconic trim of both appliances, and the arm jewelry has been inspired directly by the pasta attachments. To complete the look with a knowing wink, the asymmetrical line of the skirt traces the same profile as the stand mixer’s base.

A sketch of Look Four.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

look 4

Layered and embellished like an extravagant dessert, this look is an exercise in contrast that pairs hard vacuformed polycarbonate surfaces against delicately pleated fabric and an abundance of tulle. The underskirt explodes with pink ruffles that bring to mind blooming hibiscus petals, while key features include floral arm splash guards, metal accessories and latex stockings and heels. The juxtaposition of hard and soft in the look speaks to the contrast between flower and machine.

Designed by Marta Del Rio

look 5

The suave style of a maitre’d meets the immediate needs of a sous chef in a masculine look that’s entirely function-first. Materials meant for the kitchen truly turn the countertop into a catwalk: the latex front apron is splash-resistant, a utility belt allows clip-on oversized functional pockets, fingerless gloves with dedicated splash guards balance dexterity and protection, and the finishing linen harem pants are fabricated to be breathable and suited for fast-paced environments. The entire outfit is custom-dyed in tones of monochrome hibiscus.

A close up of the details of Look Six.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

look 6

Instantly iconic, the chrome bralette on this look draws direct inspiration from the blades of the KitchenAid® blender. Hand-fabricated out of metal and polished to shine, it is anchored on the body with the KitchenAid trim band. The metal creates striking contrast to the sculptural hibiscus molded skirt, which draws its curves directly from the blender as well, and emphasizes the elongated shape of the pitcher and its base. Oversized, fingerless latex kitchen gloves and latex sock / shoe combinations complete the look and provide finishing visual impact.

Designed by Marta Del Rio

look 7

A functional kitchen smock takes a fashionable turn through its fabrication entirely in draped latex. Placed on top of an empire waisted A-line dress composed of yards of crinoline, the opulent silhouette is an exercise in contrast. The recognizable proportions of the stand mixer bowl are echoed in the sizing and volumes of the petticoat relative to the outfit, and the finishing belt mimics the adornment of the iconic trim band on the stand mixer.

A close up of the KitchenAid® logo on the choker necklace of a model.
Designed by Marta Del Rio

“The designers…are all emerging New York talents pushing boundaries in design and fabrication. Each of them has a very recognizable set of techniques and silhouettes.”

Marta Del Rio
Designer, Creative Director

Designed by Tia Adeola

look 8

Delicate silk rouching all along the length of the gown calls to mind the liquid inside a blender folding in upon itself—or of frosting ribbons created by a stand mixer’s whisk. The rouching explodes into fun, feminine flower-like ruffles at the edge. Adeola shared that “ruffles have been my signature silhouette for the longest time, and I couldn’t help but add them onto the dress… as the finishing touch.”

Tia Adeola

Originally from Nigeria and raised in London, New York designer Teni “Tia” Adeola created her brand, TIA ADEOLA from her dorm room, using her art history background and passion for the Renaissance period as inspiration. Her aim is to rewrite history through fashion, particularly for people of color.

Designed by Tara Babylon

look 9

This look, like the Hibiscus stand mixer and blender, is energetic and fun, yet sophisticated. The fitted bodice features safety pin detailing inspired by the mixer’s attachments. Babylon explains: “I have incorporated my signature elastic weaving method using Hibiscus colored cord and using the same elastic to incorporate my safety-pin crochet method.” The fitted silhouette is balanced out with a full floral skirt and finished with a large, floral silicone headpiece.


A British-Iraqi designer and performance artist based in New York. The ethos of her label is a ready-to-wear gender-fluid brand with a large emphasis on color, craft, textiles and performance art. The craftsmanship within the brand focuses on hand-made techniques in order to keep an artisanal element alive.

Designed by Bach Mai

look 10

A deep vee volant dress in velvet and moirè. The design uses Mai’s signature sculptural volant technique, and the designer feels it “recalls the luscious petal shapes of the enchanting Hibiscus flower, while also achieving the inverted silhouette of the iconic bowl shape of the KitchenAid® stand mixer.”


Mai is a native Texan born to Vietnamese immigrant parents. His namesake line is a luxury ready-to-wear and made-to-order collection designed with irreverent glamour and unabashed femininity. Mai says he is driven by the passion to make every person who allows him the honor of dressing them feel beautiful.

A close up of the choker necklace of Look Eleven.
Designed by ManMadeSkins

look 11

This vegan leather ensemblé creates the illusion of standing in the center of a thousand blooming hibiscus flowers. ManMadeSkins expanded on their signature ruffles, mixing textures and adding a lot of small details to bring it to life. The designer explains that “When I think about the KitchenAid mixer and blender, I think of movement and contrast of the metal and softness.” The designer goes on to describe using draping techniques to create a specific moment in time and contrasting it with the sharpness and firmness of stainless steel hardware in the look.


A New York City-based vegan leather clothing and accessories brand founded by designer Vesper Han. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, she created MMS with the intention to implement more ethical and sustainable materials to transform traditional leather wear and conventional leather fashion.

Designed by Wiederhoeft

look 12

This look incorporates Wiederhoeft’s signature “wasp” corseted bodice, which features steel boning and a lace-up back. Beautiful, robust bows are matched with hand-embroidered textiles and sequins to create a sparkling, pixelated effect. The look is completed with tulle gloves and a hood, which add a theatrical element. Wiederhoeft explains that he “wanted to nod to the product’s beautiful, iconic form. It’s something that’s utilitarian but incredibly designed. We also took from hibiscus literally by embroidering oversized flowers onto the skirt and sleeves in white sequins.”


Wiederhoeft founded his namesake line just three years ago, and its already one of the most exciting labels to watch. Wiederhoeft describes his work as “modern nostalgia.” He states that his wish is for people to see the work, and “feel a burning desire to create something themselves.”


The 2023 Color of the Year, Hibiscus, is partially inspired by the global resurgence of maximalism and its intersection with texture, color and bold prints. The color, a rich fuchsia, embodies the energy-boosting hues seen in contemporary art, design and pop culture.

Each ensemblé in the collection brings the radiance and signature energy of Hibiscus to life in a new, inventive way, expressing the sheer joy and love for life that the color represents through the eyes of different designers with different backgrounds, ways of life and passions.

Hibiscus is a reminder to embrace new passions, styles and to share those with those around us. You can bring the spirit and energy of the Hibiscus Collection to your home through the KitchenAid Color of the Year Hibiscus Stand Mixer and Blender.

Each year, KitchenAid brand chooses a new Color of the Year, which celebrates the power of color to create a mood—to evoke an emotion and tell personal stories about who we are and what we dream about. Next year’s Color of the Year is a tightly held secret, and only a few know what that color will be. But one thing can be said with certainty—it will have heart, it will have soul and it will inspire people to tell their own story. And KitchenAid brand will be right there to help them tell it, in bold, beautiful, hopeful color.

Learn more about the KitchenAid® Color of the Year program, or, follow KitchenAid brand’s fashion debut at New York Fashion Week on Instagram to further explore the event venue.



The latest Color of the Year is a vibrant, lush reminder to embrace new styles and to explore new things in and out of the kitchen.